Welding Helmet: Basic Care and Maintenance Advice

Welding activity is common in construction sites and engineering factories. Even in your house, you also need to weld some mechanic components of your car, you machines, etc. And welding helmet, which is the most important protective equipment, can prevent you from suffering risks of welding works such as: eye burning, head damage, breathing toxic fumes…Being aware of safety, a lot of companies try to find the best welding helmets for their workers; provide and remind them the importance of wearing welding helmet in hot works.

However, the durability of helmets depends on your ability to take care of it. Once you can keep your helmet durable, it can do its safety functions properly then you might reduce numerous hazards from welding processes. However, you need to understand your job duties in order to select the best welding helmet for you. If you are a professional, safety precaution is the first priority; if you are not, just ask the seller which one suits you.

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When you own a new helmet, the first thing you are advised to do is reading carefully the instruction book provided by the manufacturer. We have also given several basic tips that are much easy to follow to keep the helmet in fine condition:

  • Clean your wedding helmet

When you have a new helmet, cleaning routine should be established. You might have got several helmets before but the technology has changed rapidly so some components really need proper cleaning. Read the owner handbook carefully and go their website to find cleaning advice. With the lens, wipe the dust off carefully by a cleaning soft brush, and use special detergent or spray to wash the lens. The more appropriate cleaning procedure is, the longer your helmet’s life of usage is. Furthermore, it is a good habit to clean your helmet straightaway after using it and carry out a major cleaning once a week.

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The big boat racing festival in the Mekong delta

Every nation, every country and every province are rich in culture that each individual respects. When it comes to cultural celebrations and festivals, many people will come to witness the said event. Witnessing cultural exhibitions is not just a form of entertainment, but also a means of showing some respect and honor to history, to people, to the religion and to the country. People from different parts of the world come and join to celebrate and have fun.

Mekong delta and boat racing festivals

And in the precious country of Vietnam, there is a celebration called, the Full Moon Festival in the Mekong Delta. The ethnic people of Khmer celebrate the traditional festival, which is the Ok Om Bok Festival every year on the day of the full moon. This annual celebration is held to show their appreciation to the Moon Goddess because the Moon Goddess had given them a bountiful harvest and they were given the richness and beauty of the resources. It is through the water where the people get their source of income and it is important for the people to show their gratitude to the goddess.

During the Full Moon Festival, a boat race called, the Ngo Boat Race or the Um Tuk Ngua is always a part of the big celebration. Many tourists and people from the locality gather around the river to witness this important event. Traditional music and shout from the audience are always heard during the boat racing competition along the Mekong Delta as their way of encouragement and support. Teams from different towns and nearby provinces come and participate every year.

The boats used during the boat racing festival are not just a boat like what you normally ride on the Mekong Delta. These boats are specially built for the said occasion. The boat is approximately 24 meters in length and about 1.2 meters in width. The boat can carry 40 people who are seated in two lines. And of course, the first boat to reach the finish line are said to be victorious. You can see the festival by viewing a specific date and time and choose a tour relevant as Mekong delta tours. But ideally, to walk when there are about organizing the festival and you will free the time to stay until the final view.

The competing teams are so tough that they have to build enough strength and courage to win. If only you are witnessing this event, you can feel the tension, the harmony, the sound of the gongs, the music, the shouting and the wave of the water. Having the chance to watch the said competition is such a great honor because this tradition is very important in the lives of the people of Vietnam, especially in the Khmer culture and tradition. Continue reading “The big boat racing festival in the Mekong delta”

Buying Guides for Pool Pumps

Swimming pools have become household luxury and a vital part of the new generation. Homeowners are concerned to hook up that pump which meets out the specific needs of the swimming pool. The old pumps used force of gravity to propel water to filter but that method was not so efficient. Now the engineers have designed pressurized pump system, it proved more effectiveness. Although the selection of the best pool pump is a little bit difficult task, but it becomes easy to understand if someone gets familiar with relative key terms, matches the required strengths with manufacturer’s specifications then one makes the whole task of selection easy.


How to Calculate the Storage Capacity for Selecting Right Pool Pumps:

You have first to work out with how many gallons your swimming pool gets filled. The mathematical formulas to calculate gallons are dependent upon the shape of the swimming pools.

Rectangular Shaped Pools

To calculate storage capacity of rectangular pools you will calculate average depth, width and length of the pool. The formula would be as under

Number of Gallons = Average Depth X Width X Length X 7.5

To calculate average depth we divide by 2 to the sum of minimum depth and maximum depth. Suppose if you have a pool with width as 20 feet, length as 40 feet and its depth is minimum 4 feet and maximum 8 feet then average depth will be calculated by as 4+8= 12/2 i.e. 6 feet. The storage capacity of the pool will come out to be equal to 36,000 gallons

Total Storage Capacity= (6 ft. X 20 ft. X 40ft.X7.5) =36,000 Gallons

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Some things you do not know about Ozone Generator!

When there are more and more concerns raised about pollution, people pay more attentions to a home appliance used as water, and air purifier – an Ozone Generator. Some think that their life becomes safer with ozonated water and purified atmosphere, while others still remain uncertainty about benefits of this machine. To deal with this round of questions, let’s find out how effective and safely when using an ozone equipment.

  1. Advantages of Ozone Generators

Ozone has a great disinfection effectiveness against bacteria and viruses. At varying levels, ozone can be used for filtering water, purifying air, processing foods by killing some bacteria and moulds.

Water Treatment

Ozone was first used in water purification in the 1800s and now it becomes more commonly used in Europe and Asia than United Stated. Ozone has enjoyed a long history of use and is known as a broad-spectrum biocide against many viruses. Ozonated water is considered by many advocates to be highly beneficial, regardless of one’s health condition. A reason to this benefit of ozone is that it can destroy pathogens from bacterium, virus, fungus which cause severe diseases, such as strep throat, flu, etc.

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Further, ozone-enriched water can be sprayed directly on floors, walls, wettable equipment, tanks, drains from microbial via mobile systems. Over time, whether used simply to purifying drinking water or cleaning equipment, the detoxification of ozonated water is quite wonderful.

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