Welding Helmet: Basic Care and Maintenance Advice

Welding activity is common in construction sites and engineering factories. Even in your house, you also need to weld some mechanic components of your car, you machines, etc. And welding helmet, which is the most important protective equipment, can prevent you from suffering risks of welding works such as: eye burning, head damage, breathing toxic fumes…Being aware of safety, a lot of companies try to find the best welding helmets for their workers; provide and remind them the importance of wearing welding helmet in hot works.

However, the durability of helmets depends on your ability to take care of it. Once you can keep your helmet durable, it can do its safety functions properly then you might reduce numerous hazards from welding processes. However, you need to understand your job duties in order to select the best welding helmet for you. If you are a professional, safety precaution is the first priority; if you are not, just ask the seller which one suits you.

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When you own a new helmet, the first thing you are advised to do is reading carefully the instruction book provided by the manufacturer. We have also given several basic tips that are much easy to follow to keep the helmet in fine condition:

  • Clean your wedding helmet

When you have a new helmet, cleaning routine should be established. You might have got several helmets before but the technology has changed rapidly so some components really need proper cleaning. Read the owner handbook carefully and go their website to find cleaning advice. With the lens, wipe the dust off carefully by a cleaning soft brush, and use special detergent or spray to wash the lens. The more appropriate cleaning procedure is, the longer your helmet’s life of usage is. Furthermore, it is a good habit to clean your helmet straightaway after using it and carry out a major cleaning once a week.

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How to Install a Check Valve for Sump Pump

Sump pump is an essential thing to pump water from the basement of a house. Whether you use the best sump pump or not, it is wise to use check valve. Check valve ensures that the pumped water does not come back again to the basement through the sump pump.

You may be wondering how to install check valve in your sump pump. Don’t worry as we are going to elucidate how you can attach a check valve in your sump pump.


Things to Know about a Check Valve

To fix well a check valve in your sump pump, it is better to know the core function of a check valve. Check valve is an opening and closing socket that opens in only one side. It opens with the pressure of pumped water with a sump pump and closes with the backward pressure of the pumped water when the pump is complete. So the system is automatic and you do not have to control it.

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How to Install a Sump Pump Generator

Sump pump is used for pumping excess water from the basement of a house to avoid damp and other hazardous things. A sump pump needs power supply in order to be running, so the best sump pump will be useless if there is cut of electricity. There might be some sorts of situation when the usual electricity may be cut for a long period of time because of storm or other types of natural calamity. In that case, you will have to arrange alternative source of power such as battery back-up or generator. A generator is a proficient source of power supply to your sump pump.

In this article, we will show how to install a generator for your sump pump.


Buy a Quality Generator

Visit some shops and see different types of generator. Choose the best fit for your sump pump. Generator is run on diesel or gasoline, and has a fuel tank to load with the fueling liquid. You should calculate how long at best you may need to pump at the time of cut of electricity. Ask the seller or read the specifications of the generators to guess an idea about how long will the generators will run with single load of fuel in the tank.

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