A backpack or a handbag seems to be essential for everyone when we go outside, go to school, hang out or go camping with our family and friends. Backpacks and handbags are not only an powerful accessory to carry essential items but also an important aspect in creating your own personal style. In addition, there are so many varieties of backpack and handbag, each one is specifically designed to carry certain items that make it difficult for buyers to choose the right one.

Perhaps tactical backpacks are one of the backpacks which are not only hard to choose the correct one but difficult to use most. When you take a multi-day couch surfing, choosing a cheap substandard backpack will lead you to have spinal deformity and so many other harmful effects

In this writing, I will guide you how to choose and use the best tactical backpack in the right way which is aggregated from various resources in order that we, couch surfers have the most general overview about this type of backpacks. To make the writing get better, please leave us your ideas in the below part for comments!

How to choose the best tactical backpack:

  1. The capacity:

-The capacity of the backpack is calculated by volume( the most popular unit is liter), there are some very small types in the 5-15L range in size, designed for day hikes or very big backpacks( maybe over 100L) for people who have big-built body or want multi day couch surfing

– A normal trip from 1 to 2 nights: 20-50L

– A weekend trip from 2 to 3 nights: 50-60L

– A multi-day trip from 2 -5 nights: 60-80L

– A trip lasts over 5 nights: 80L++

  1. The size:

Here I am talking about the way to choose the size of the backpack suitable to the backpacker’s body size, it is not the capacity of the backpack for the trip .it is two different definitions you need to figure out. Climbing backpack is mostly suitable for you is which has the SAME BACK SIZE with yours.

How to measure your back size: Put your two hands on your hips slightly and imagine that there is a circle around your belly. Use a tape to measure the length of your back from your neck to that circle

– From 38cm: your backpack size is super small

– 40-43 cm: small backpack

– 45-48 cm: normal size backpack

– 50cm++: super long heavy backpack

Above are some basic factors to choose the best tactical backpack. For more information, you can visit our website.