How to Install a Check Valve for Sump Pump

Sump pump is an essential thing to pump water from the basement of a house. Whether you use the best sump pump or not, it is wise to use check valve. Check valve ensures that the pumped water does not come back again to the basement through the sump pump.

You may be wondering how to install check valve in your sump pump. Don’t worry as we are going to elucidate how you can attach a check valve in your sump pump.

Things to Know about a Check Valve

To fix well a check valve in your sump pump, it is better to know the core function of a check valve. Check valve is an opening and closing socket that opens in only one side. It opens with the pressure of pumped water with a sump pump and closes with the backward pressure of the pumped water when the pump is complete. So the system is automatic and you do not have to control it.

Things to Buy

To install a check valve in your sump pump, you will have to buy some things which are as follows –

  • Check Valve.
  • Pipe Cutter.
  • Adaptors/Couplings.
  • PVC Glue.
  • PVC tape.
  • Measuring Tape.

Important to Know

You must buy a check valve that has the same diameter as the pipe of the sump pump because you will have to attach the check valve with the pipe. Be careful about it and for this use a measuring tape to measure the diameter of the pipe. This measurement should be accurate and then go for shopping a check valve according to the measurement. The best way to buy a foolproof check valve by taking a small portion of the pipe that is attached with the sump pump.

Not only the check valve must be in well-measured, but also the adaptors or the couplings must be with right sized in order to install the check valve well.

How to Install the Check valve?

Here are the step by step guidelines that you should follow in order to install a check valve for sump pump properly.

Step 1. Decide the place on the Pipe:

Select a place on the pipe where you want to place the check valve. The check valve should be placed very close to the sump pump. After choosing the place on the pipe, use a pipe cutter for cutting a little portion from the pipe. Make sure that you are not cutting a lot. The cutting portion should be the same as the check valve’s length. After you cut the pipe properly, clean the pipe’s rough thing that has been developed for cutting.

Step 2. Put the Check Valve and Attach

After a perfect cut on the pipe, you now can put the check valve on the empty portion between the pipes. The two sides of the pipe must be covered with PVC tape. Then on the tape, use adequate amount of PVC glue. Now put the check valve and leave it until the glue dries up completely. Then you will have to attach the adaptors or the couplings tightly.

Step 3. Check the Check Valve for its Efficiency

Finally, you should check the check valve for its appropriateness before you use it for real purpose. You should pump some water with the sump pump and then observe whether the pumped water comes back or not through the sump pump. If it remains stable, then be sure that you have installed the check valve perfectly.

Installing a check valve is not that much hard thing, so you can try this in case of your need.


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