How to Paint a Metal Cabinet

A metal cabinet whether it is for bathroom or kitchen or office use needs much effort to paint as could not paint it with ordinary color as well as primer. As the metal is slippery, not all the colors and primers will stick to it. So you will have to do some extra and special things to paint metal cabinet which are being discussed in this article.

How to Paint Metal Kitchen Cabinet?

The main problem here is the sticking of the primer and the color on a metal finished cabinet, so you will have to use different types of these as to paint on metal.

Things to Do for Painting

The preparation for all types of cabinets is all the same. Like wood made cabinets, you will have to remove all the parts such as the doors and the drawers from the metal cabinet. It is good to use a screwdriver if there is any screw needs to be pulled off.

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Generally a metal finished cabinet is painted with thick factory finished coat which is impossible for further paintings. So the first thing is to remove the coat as well as rust from the surface. To remove the coat, you had better use an iron brush and sandpaper (180 grit sandpaper is a good choice). Keep continuing the process until you see the bare metal. Once the epoxy finish or the powder coating is rubbed away completely, you can go ahead for the next step.

Things to Know for Painting on Metal

Bare metal is another tough thing for sticking most of the types of primer as well as color. So you will have to use special primer and color for painting on metal cabinet.

Use a bonding primer which is also called as adhesion primer must be used in order to stick it on the metal finished cabinet. This DTM (direct to metal) primer will work perfectly on any metal finished product.

You will have to know that a primer is used basically as the core base for painting as the color will stick to the primer. As you have been confirmed that DTM primer will stick to the metal cabinet, you are now worry free about the stickiness of the color on the cabinet.

You can use brush, or roller, or paint sprayer to prime the surface of the metal cabinet, but if you need the best quality, then it is advisable to use a paint sprayer for both priming and painting. There might be need for more than one primer coating, and never ignore this double coating if it is needed as the well priming will give you the certainty for better painting.

After every coat of primer, leave the cabinet for complete dryness. Never be hasty to go for another coat of painting or priming if the first priming coat is not dried up perfectly.


DTM (direct to metal) primer is the key thing to make the paint stick to the metal surface, so never be fooled by buying usual primer.

Start Painting on the Metal Cabinet

After you finish priming and drying, go for painting which is the last step of the painting process on a metal cabinet. Use roller, brush or paint sprayer for painting. In case of sprayer usage, see the instruction how to use it. Like priming, you will have to dry the color well before start using the cabinet.


You have painted well on the metal cabinet. Now make joints of the segregated parts to have a fully painted cabinet which is worthy of giving a new look to your home.


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