How to Use an Air Fryer

With rapid air technology, you can now enjoy your French fries – as tasty as the one cooked in a famous four-star restaurant – within minutes. The most common air fryer review is that the intelligent device provides you great tasting fried food, from fried chicken to breakfast muffin, with more nutrition and less fat up to 80% in comparison to the ones fried in a conventional deep fryer. This gadget, moreover, has its capability to fry, grill, roast, and bake – a multi-cooker air fryer. Getting an air fryer in the kitchen, you may want to know how it works, as well as the proper use and maintenance. Let’s check out the following tips.



  1. How does the air frying system work?

The air fryer is designed to work under a simple but innovative mechanism, helping it fry food without oil.

Rapid Air Technology

This kind of revolutionary appliance uses the circulation of superheated air around the food basket for cooking food, called Rapid Air Technology. The airflow swirling the food basket helps heat up the ingredients from all sides simultaneously, which makes your food crispy, tasty, yet healthy. Even for foods that need up to 200 degree C like chicken, pastries, chips and fish, the air frying method can brown off them with deliciously crunchy on the outside, but without being dry on the inside.

User-Friendly and Healthy

The air fryer has a digital display which shows the status of the cooking and enables users to adjust temperature and timer appropriately. The temperature inside the machine is controlled by an exhaust system that releases excessive air while cooking. An interesting point of the air fryer is that it contains a filtering option which filters excessive air before the final release. Therefore, there’s no odor of cooking spreading at your home space. And when the temperature increases, this exhaust system controls the internal pressure and reduces a small amount of air to make sure less pressure inside the machine. The gadget causes no odor or harm to users and the environment, so it is called “user-friendly”.

Since requiring less to no oil to cook food, furthermore, the air flying method provides you a healthier diet with brown and crispy meals yet reduced calories.

Cooling System

Each air fryer has its own cooling fan mounted on motor axis, which is to control the internal temperature and ensure the circulation of fresh air from top to bottom in the air fryer’s environment. As a result, internal parts of the fryer don’t become so hot even when you cook with how weather in the summer season.

  1. Use your air fryer properly

Getting started

Before starting to cook, preheat the air fryer on around 3 minutes to reach the desired temperature. The reason is when you start preparation, the machine is at the room temperature, and it takes time to get the specific temperature required for food preparation. Consequently, preheating the air fryer is essential.

Don’t overcrowd the basket or pot, or it will increase cooking time, which can cause sub-optimal result. Set your ingredients so that there is enough space to circulate the hot air effectively.

If you want to cook pre-made food in your air fryer, lower the temperature by 70 degree and reduce the cooking time by half. However, this timer and temperature control varies on different food.

During cooking

You don’t need to use oil unless it’s mentioned in the recipe books. Adding oil is only necessary for your homemade dishes from fresh pretreated ingredients such as unmarinated chicken or freshly peeled potatoes.  If you do want to add oil to improve the taste, bush a little onto the outside of the food (use an oil spray) or on the bottom of the pot. Excess oil can drip into the pan and cooking basket during the hot air frying process.

For high-fat marinated food like chicken wings or drumsticks, you’d better to get off excess vapor. If you cook smaller items such as french fries, croquettes, you should shake the cooking basket and rotate the ingredients every five to ten minutes of cooking time to ensure they are cooked equally.

After using the air fryer



After every use of the appliance, you should loosen any food particles remaining on the basket or pan before cleaning it. Soak the food basket in hot water with liquid detergent and use soft sponge to clean it in order not to cause any harm to its special coating.