Some things you do not know about Ozone Generator!

When there are more and more concerns raised about pollution, people pay more attentions to a home appliance used as water, and air purifier – an Ozone Generator. Some think that their life becomes safer with ozonated water and purified atmosphere, while others still remain uncertainty about benefits of this machine. To deal with this round of questions, let’s find out how effective and safely when using an ozone equipment.

  1. Advantages of Ozone Generators

Ozone has a great disinfection effectiveness against bacteria and viruses. At varying levels, ozone can be used for filtering water, purifying air, processing foods by killing some bacteria and moulds.

Water Treatment

Ozone was first used in water purification in the 1800s and now it becomes more commonly used in Europe and Asia than United Stated. Ozone has enjoyed a long history of use and is known as a broad-spectrum biocide against many viruses. Ozonated water is considered by many advocates to be highly beneficial, regardless of one’s health condition. A reason to this benefit of ozone is that it can destroy pathogens from bacterium, virus, fungus which cause severe diseases, such as strep throat, flu, etc.


Further, ozone-enriched water can be sprayed directly on floors, walls, wettable equipment, tanks, drains from microbial via mobile systems. Over time, whether used simply to purifying drinking water or cleaning equipment, the detoxification of ozonated water is quite wonderful.

Air Purification

Ozone generators have been widely used as air cleaners in houses, offices, hotel rooms to clear smell, tobacco smoke and other odors. Because ozone has a very short life span in air, it will either react with other chemicals it encounters or will decompose on its own in to normal oxygen.

Food Processing

In food industry, the benefits of ozone have been proved when used as a food disinfectant or sanitizer, allowing a reduction in chemical disinfectants). It has been used to reduce smell of smoke in fire restoration, to remove odors produced by bacteria and mould in garbage rooms, and to limit bacteriological levels in food processing plants.

  1. The best effective ways in using ozone generator

You need to know that ozone is like other essentials in life – a little is good, but a lot is not. At high concentrations, sometimes, ozone can cause headaches, chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, and increased frequency of lung disease. Ozone is very useful for aging products as well as accelerating the decay of smoke/other chemicals, but it must be used with care.

So how is the use of an ozone generator appropriate? Firstly, you should consider what problems you need to treat with ozone. Second, you can take into account the following safety conditions:

  • The most effective usage is just run ozone generators when the space is unoccupied (no people, plants or pets in the area).
  • In water purification, remember to ozonate the water in a glass vessel; DO NOT use plastic. This makes your water remains pure and uncontaminated. Processing water is one of the few cases that “more is better”, so you can ozonate your water at the highest ozone setting possible.
  • After processing ozone treatment, the room should be ventilated for about 15 to 30 minutes. Do not come in sooner than 2 hours of completion of decontamination.
  • During running ozone treatment, never smoke, work with open fire or tools that cause flame, work with or leave objects with oil or grease.
  • Do not use ozone in flammable gases or explosive environment.


The appearance of ozone generators brings our life with fresher air, purer water and safer food. Proper preparation is always essential in order to achieve the benefits you are seeking.