The big boat racing festival in the Mekong delta

Every nation, every country and every province are rich in culture that each individual respects. When it comes to cultural celebrations and festivals, many people will come to witness the said event. Witnessing cultural exhibitions is not just a form of entertainment, but also a means of showing some respect and honor to history, to people, to the religion and to the country. People from different parts of the world come and join to celebrate and have fun.

Mekong delta and boat racing festivals

And in the precious country of Vietnam, there is a celebration called, the Full Moon Festival in the Mekong Delta. The ethnic people of Khmer celebrate the traditional festival, which is the Ok Om Bok Festival every year on the day of the full moon. This annual celebration is held to show their appreciation to the Moon Goddess because the Moon Goddess had given them a bountiful harvest and they were given the richness and beauty of the resources. It is through the water where the people get their source of income and it is important for the people to show their gratitude to the goddess.

During the Full Moon Festival, a boat race called, the Ngo Boat Race or the Um Tuk Ngua is always a part of the big celebration. Many tourists and people from the locality gather around the river to witness this important event. Traditional music and shout from the audience are always heard during the boat racing competition along the Mekong Delta as their way of encouragement and support. Teams from different towns and nearby provinces come and participate every year.

The boats used during the boat racing festival are not just a boat like what you normally ride on the Mekong Delta. These boats are specially built for the said occasion. The boat is approximately 24 meters in length and about 1.2 meters in width. The boat can carry 40 people who are seated in two lines. And of course, the first boat to reach the finish line are said to be victorious. You can see the festival by viewing a specific date and time and choose a tour relevant as Mekong delta tours. But ideally, to walk when there are about organizing the festival and you will free the time to stay until the final view.

The competing teams are so tough that they have to build enough strength and courage to win. If only you are witnessing this event, you can feel the tension, the harmony, the sound of the gongs, the music, the shouting and the wave of the water. Having the chance to watch the said competition is such a great honor because this tradition is very important in the lives of the people of Vietnam, especially in the Khmer culture and tradition.

Being a part of a celebrated tradition in Vietnam is one of a kind experience. You are even lucky if you have planned to come and visit Vietnam during the said festival because you will have a new experience and a different kind of exploration. The boat racing festival in Vietnam is not just a simple competition that you may witness and because it is a well-respected event in the life of the Khmer people, then it will also be a chance for you to show gratitude for the success of everybody.